Nicole Pisciotto

Nicole Pisciotto 4685 33rd Street  San Diego CA 92116


Magic Carpet Ride (Reiki/Crystal Healing Session)   $100 - 90 min
​​Relax into sublime bliss with this gentle and mindful approach to cleansing & purifying the energy centers of the body with the use of powerful healing crystals.  Each personalized session is infused with aromatherapy, Reiki & soul inspired guidance.

Inner Peace Bliss Treatment with Nicole & Liz of  Liz Myers Life
 $125 - 90 minute session
Attune the human heart with the divine heart as we guide you into a deep meditative healing space to encourage the release of emotional & physical stagnation.  Integrating the modalities of intuitive guidance, crystal healing, chakra balancing, guided meditation, sound therapy & Reiki to encourage moving forward in your life with more balance.
This immersion into healing peace & bliss will leave you feeling inspired, renewed, empowered, refreshed, expanded & more clear in your life's path & purpose. 

Private Yoga Session   

$60 - 90 Sliding Scale
Inspire, balance and bring serenity to every aspect of living with a custom designed yoga practice.  Develop a consistent practice, deepen your understanding of the poses & breathing techniques.   Elevate your ability to surrender to meditation.  Private and Corporate On Site classes also available.

​​​Shanti Manicure   $40 - 60 min
Indulge yourself with this delightful and relaxing aromatherapy treatment for the hands. Refining nails and cuticles to a pristine state of beauty. Includes homemade exfoliating scrub, hand massage and lotion.  Your choice of polish or high shine buff.

Shanti Pedicure   $60 - 75 min
Immerse yourself in a delightful aromatherapy pedicure to relax and restore inner peace and tranquility. Your foot bath is adorned with marbles to sooth and relieve stress in other parts of your body by manipulating energy points on the feet.  Custom blended oils accompany a foot massage that are sure to leave you feeling serene.

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